Values Important to Our Region

The MRW Alliance and Mainstream Republicans consider these among the most critical values for building and sustaining the beauty and prosperity of Washington and the Pacific Northwest when looking to endorse and support policies and candidates running for state and local office. 

Support for Jobs & Prosperity

Mainstream believes that people not government create jobs and prosperity. A free economy is the best tool to create a just and prosperous society. Big government is too often the source of big problems, and judging policies based on what their authors hope they will achieve versus their actual effect is a recipe for failure, poverty and public debt.

Fiscal Conservatism

Government should ensure that it is living within its means by producing a balanced and reasonable budget. This is true for federal, state and local governments. In fact, the national debt is a greater threat to America than any foreign power.

Strong Public Education

Long before the hallmark McCleary decision, the Mainstream Republicans of Washington called for education to be the first priority of our state government. We’ve seen years of Democratic budgets fail our schools and kids, now it’s the responsibility of moderates in both parties to correct this problem.

Social Moderation

Mainstream provides a voice for socially moderate Republicans in our state, so we avoid both far-right and far-left politics. “The Winners are in the Middle” has been a long-time slogan. Because of this, it is our belief that social issues should be depoliticized, so that government can focus on fiscal responsibility through balancing the budget and boosting the economy. Many members of Mainstream are pro-choice and support Marriage Equality, though not all. We reject litmus tests and believe that moderation is not just about social issues.