About the MRW Alliance

The MRW Alliance is a Washington state non-profit corporation which is exempt from federal taxes under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.  We support candidates through our political committee, the Mainstream Republicans of Washington state PAC. Individual contributions to the MRW Alliance are not tax deductible, but a portion of corporate contributions may be deductible as business expenses.

About Mainstream – Providing a Moderate Republican Voice

Mainstream Republicans of Washington was founded over 30 years ago to provide a voice for moderate Republicans within the GOP. We share President Ronald Reagan’s inclusive view of the party that both conservative and moderate Republicans should have a place in the Republican Party. Mainstream works to ensure that all Republicans in Washington are given a voice on the issues affecting the state, from jobs and fiscal responsibility to public education and social moderation. Our mission is to support the election of well-qualified and moderate Republicans to all levels of public office in Washington State. We achieve this through grassroots activism, direct voter contact, and the Cascade Conference.

Responsible Republicans must articulate a vital moderate philosophy, they must participate more actively in Republican politics, they must achieve a long-term plan of moderate Republican action. – Chris Bayley & Bruce Chapman

Mainstream, through its state and federal political action committees, has supported the election of Washington State Republican candidates through voter contact projects and more than $1 million in contributions since 2000. We focus our efforts on swing voters in swing districts where the greatest good can be achieved for candidates at the national and state levels. Mainstream endorses moderate Republican candidates pre-primary, as well as those in non-partisan races, including state Supreme Court candidates. We also guide voters by taking positions on Washington State ballot initiatives and referendums.

A number of key moderate Republicans have helped lead Mainstream’s efforts to include an inclusive voice within the state’s GOP through the years. These include Governor Dan Evans, Senator Slade Gorton, Secretary of State Sam Reed, Lt. Governor Joel Pritchard, Public Lands Commissioner Doug Sutherland and Secretary of State Ralph Munro.

Like these leaders, you can help us bring a greater level of inclusion to the Republican Party in Washington State. If you also believe in President Reagan’s view of a big tent for the GOP, we invite you to join Mainstream.

The History of Mainstream

After a major Republican loss in 1964, Republicans around Washington State began to think about the future of the Republican Party. It became apparent to political leaders like Governor Dan Evans, Secretary of State Sam Reed, and others that the future success of the party relied on centrism and moderation.

Several years later, the movement towards moderation began to gain support. In 1969, Sam Reed, Chris Bayley and others held a conference now called the Cascade Conference to share ideas, establish rapport, and to simply get acquainted with other young, moderate Republican leaders. The Cascade Conference continued to be held annually and, in 1990, the Mainstream Republicans of Washington became an official political action committee. The movement has since taken off. Throughout the years, the organization has continued to make it a priority to financially support, recruit, and endorse moderate Republican candidates. Today it is one of Washington’s most effective political action committees, contributing over $500,000 to candidates in 2012.

Board of Directors

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