Inspiration from Mainstream Senator Mark Miloscia

Sen. Mark Miloscia

“Since session ended, I have spent much time knocking on doors, and visiting and reconnecting with folks—6,122 doors to be exact. I answer questions and listen to their thoughts and concerns on the needs of our community.

“If I had to sum up their fears and dreams at this time, I would pick the famous Charles Dickens quote:

“‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way…’

“It was the best of times: People are thankful that our state leads the nation in so many things. They see construction cranes dot the landscape and are thankful for the record low unemployment and record high business and job growth.

“They are thankful that money is pouring into the budgets of many families, businesses, and governments.

“They are thankful for the dozens of ‘local’ nameplate companies, universities, nonprofits, and individuals that are recognized the world over as being among humanities best, brightest and most successful.

“People are very thankful of the Legislatures, and my own involvement, with others here in this room, in helping to improve their lives and our state the last four years.

“They mention our success in fully funding education to record highs of our state budget, of providing all-day kindergarten to every child, and of passing ground breaking legislation to cut college tuition for all students.

“Of passing family and sick leave to aid working people needing help, and in insuring equality of pay for women, and in fully funding collective bargaining agreements for our public servants, and in investing record amounts in helping those with disabilities, mental illnesses and drug addictions live a successful life.

“And of fighting and winning to keep legislative records open and transparent to our bosses, the people we serve.

“Yes, people are thankful.

“However, according to the many comments at the door, it is also the worst of times.Having knocked on doors for decades, views are different this year. Despite the good times, people, whether they are Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, young or old, are worried and fearful about the “foolishness” they see, and a “coming winter of despair.”

“They fear a rising tide of taxes–jobs tax, carbon tax, property tax, car tabs and tuition increases, utility taxes, congestion tax, gun tax, waterfront tax, soda tax, income tax, mileage taxes, and on and on, smothering people’s hopes and dreams, and I even hear increased talk of folks wanting to move out of this “crazy state.”

“They see a growing dysfunction in our government institutions and political leadership, such as stuck tunneling machines and increased congestion, failing human services programs, $12M/mile bike lanes, and increased crime and violence. Despite great increases in taxes and programs, they see governments and do-nothing politicians causing problems rather fixing problems

“The see a growing culture of intolerance and promotion of irresponsible, profane behavior dominating what used to be the safe, unifying, and uplifting spaces in our society–such as our parades, sporting events, college campuses, comedy shows, news programs, government transition ceremonies, singing our national anthem, and saluting flag and country. The inspiring public activities that once unified us as proud Americans, now seem to approve and promote the most indecent, shameful and dangerous words and behaviors imaginable, poisoning not just what it means to be an American, but even any common understanding of our shared humanity.

“Even worse, they see their government leaders and civic institutions remaining silent and increasingly reject the rule of law and the civic and religious virtues and traditions that once strengthened our society and made our nation and state a light for the world! They wonder if their leaders have gone “crazy!” What was once termed “Seattle Nice,” has now morphed into “Seattle Vice!” with Seattle’s alternative paper The Stranger now becoming the Bible & Constitution for our state and culture.

“They see a rising tide of Seattle’s problems of crime and violence, congestion, drugs and vulgarity, discarded needles, and vagrant homelessness and massive apartment complex’s being pushed into their communities, overwhelming infrastructure, neighborhoods, and governments ability to be effective and provide for a livable and affordable society. Almost three years after a Homeless Emergency has been declared, this humanitarian disaster has only gotten worse! When will this nightmare end?


“And when government does reach out to help, what we actually get, is government callously ignoring people’s suffering in favor of some irrational ideology.

“A true story: Recently, Public Health Managers were briefings our city residents on their responses to the opioid crisis. An attendee spoke and started pleading for help for her son whose addictions were destroying his life and his family. The manager replied, “Unless he wants treatment, there is nothing we will do.” She emotionally pleaded again, and again, “I need help, it’s getting worse!” Again, he repeated his inability to do anything to help.

“I was shocked!

“Are our public agencies now ignoring a mothers cries to save her son? 

“I ask you: Can we stop this age of foolishness, season of Darkness, and winter of despair?

“Can we? 


“Yes we can!

“Today, I am here to ask for your support. Our state can and will be better!

“I am here today because my parents, Joseph and Mary, sacrificed to raise their five children, and taught us the importance of marriage, family, and faithfulness to God and Church.

“I am here because I learned about the importance of duty, honor, integrity, and sacrifice, while serving as an Air Force Academy cadet, pilot, and officer.

“I am here because I learned about love, forgiveness and mercy from my St Vincent’s faith community, and by helping those in need, the least of our brother and sisters, at Goodwill Industries, FW Community Caregiving Network, and The Reachout Shelter.

“I am here because of many Republicans and people in this community, and in business and labor groups, people in this room, who when I was politically abandoned and alone, believed in me and welcomed me back to public service to represent the folks in the 30th District.

“Lastly, I am today here because Meschell married me 38 years and 10 days ago. She has loved, protected and cared for me and our three children, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, and in now 14 grueling campaigns—14! It is her sacrifices that have helped me become a better husband, father, and Senator. I owe her, everything.

“As your Senator, I will hold both party’s leaders, our Governor, and others accountable to effective, efficient, and ethical actions and results in everything government does. We must continue to improve our local governments, our education and transportation systems, until they are the best and most transparent in the nation.

“I will fight for seniors, and all others being taxed out of their home and out of this state, and I will fight against the current trend to tax everything and to fix nothing.

“I will fight for all children, for those most vulnerable, and for those who are in desperate need of our care. We need effective programs that get people into housing and jobs, not give out care packages to live in the woods—there is no right to trespass or to camp and die alone in the woods.

“I will fight to reverse the growing drug epidemic and stop the pot houses and needles sprouting up in neighborhoods. We will stop the normalizing of hard drugs and the use of heroin injection sites that destroy lives and communities. Investment in effective treatment and public safety programs and integration back into society, is the answer.

“I will fight the regionalization of these foolish, and self-destructive policies that some leaders are now calling to be implemented throughout King County. Do we really want our community and our state to be as unaffordable, unlivable, and as mismanaged as Seattle? Do we?

“I will fight to bring Republicans and Democrats, Labor and Business, suburbs, rural and urban areas together, to make sure the best ideas, no matter the source, became law. Our ideological diversity is our strength, if we bring people together for our solutions for the common good. It can happen! If business and labor can unite to oppose the head tax in Seattle, then all us can unite on issues that bring shared prosperity and success. 

“Lastly, I will fight to help all who suffer with policies that work!  Indeed, all black lives matter, Dreamers matter, unborn lives matter, school children’s lives matter, mothers and fathers matter, blue lives matter, sick-homeless-drug addicted and death row lives matter, both rights and individual responsibility matter, marriage and children matter, the integrity and kindness of our public words and behaviors matter, and most important of all, this election matters! 

“Elections matters. You see, I have great faith and hope for our state’s future. We can cut property taxes and car tabs, we can have a government that is transparent and gets results, and we can have a government that will hear a mother’s cry for help for her sick child, and act!

“God has blessed us with great talents and treasures, blessed person in this room. For we are not just Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives, business or labor, or any other category that divides us.

“We are brothers and sisters, who when we work together, with wisdom and belief, love in our hearts, kind words on our lips, we will push back the foolishness, despair, and darkness that threatens!  And we will have a state that is filled with wisdom and hope and light! 

“This is my belief, this is my dream… and this why I am running for State Senate.

“Help elect me, and let’s win this fight!

“Thank you and God Bless!”

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