Republicans Must Lead in Giving Dreamers a Place to Call Home

Mainstream Republicans of Washington and MRW Alliance respectfully ask that Republicans in the United States Congress make it a top priority to adopt legislation that would prevent deportation and provide permanent legal status for so-called “Dreamers,” children who were brought into this country unlawfully.

While our nation must enforce its laws, American justice does not punish children for actions of others. Deporting children to a country many have never known is not a fair and just punishment, would be inconsistent with our values and harm the economy of our states and the country.  Continue reading →

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MRW Spotlight: Duane Davidson

Duane Davidson serves as Washington’s 23rd State Treasurer

By Duane Davidson

This last election, with the help of the Mainstream Republicans of Washington (MRW), I made history – becoming the first Republican to win an election to be Washington’s State Treasurer since 1952.

MRW helped at every step of the way.  Recruiting me to run, educating me about the challenges and intricacies involved in running a statewide campaign and supporting me to victory.  Happily, after a successful campaign, MRW also advised on transition and the initial steps in taking office.

MRW is really the “brain trust” for Republicans who want to win campaigns in Washington state.  They can draw on the collective wisdom of their many successful members – such as Daniel J. Evans, Slade Gorton, Ralph Munro, Sam Reed and Kim Wyman.  In recent decades Washington hasn’t had any winning statewide Republicans who weren’t Mainstreamers. Continue reading →

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Fall 2017 Immigration Forum

The Immigration Policy Reform Forum, held in Bellevue on November 10th brought together 60 civic leaders for a day devoted to “messaging for action.” Participants came wanting to better appreciate the need for immigration reform and to craft effective messaging, including marshaling conservative arguments, behind reform. Nationally syndicated conservative talk show host Michael Medved was the keynote speaker. The session concluded with participants personally committing to counter the nativist opposition, which has hijacked constructive policymaking. Forum participants agreed to affiliate as an informal network to push for immigration reform within Republican circles.

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Fall 2017 Political Operations

In the general election of Fall 2017, several notable Mainstream Republicans across the region performed well, providing hope amidst an uncertain political environment. For example, Kathy Lambert and Reagan Dunn won by landslide margins – almost 2:1. Morgan Irwin, who was a sponsor of the receptions at this year’s Cascade Conference, won 57% of the vote.  Several of our local candidates won across the state, as well. However, the primary focus of this race for groups across the spectrum was always going to be the Senate race on the Eastside in Legislative District 45, and that was no different for MRW.

When Senator Andy hill tragically passed away on Oct. 31 2016, mourning turned to angst as Republicans realized they must defend their most vulnerable seat after losing their most talented incumbent. Worse, those voters resoundingly rejected the Republican presidential candidate just one week later, handing him just 26% of votes cast; more than 15% of voters in Legislative District 45 voted for a third-party candidate, virtually all of them Republican. However, the GOP faced a binary choice—defend the seat or concede the majority.

Jinyoung Englund stepped up to run in this critical election, and impressed many as an intelligent and energetic candidate. However, Democratic strategists capitalized on historic opposition to the president and GOP national politics to gain an early advantage. Together with the failure to respond to these tactics, her opponent bested her in the primary election by 10 points. To save the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus, Republicans would need all hands on deck, a lot of faith, and some luck.

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Wyman Health Update

Dear Mainstream Republicans,

As most of you know, early this year, I was diagnosed with a rare form of colon cancer.  The radiation and chemotherapy I received was physically and emotionally draining – both for me and my family – but I am very thankful for the tremendous care of my doctors and nurses. 

Knowing that I had the collective strength and support of so many wonderful friends, including all of my fellow Mainstreamers, also made a tremendous difference in my recovery.  I can never thank all of you enough for your cards, flowers, prayers, and, of course, socks!  Every day during my treatments, I saw pictures on social media of people “rocking the socks” on my behalf, and it always put a smile on my face and filled my heart with inspiration!

I recently had my eight-week post-radiation check-up, and I am so very glad to report the doctor found no evidence of the tumor. Follow-up tests have confirmed that all cancer cells are dead, the diagnosis we were praying for. 

While this was the most difficult experience of my life, my family and I are grateful to receive such a positive outcome – and feel truly blessed by all of the love and support we received.  Thank you and God bless!


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Letter from Incoming Chair of Mainstream Republicans

Letter from Incoming Chair of Mainstream Republicans

Dear Mainstream Republicans:

These are most interesting and exciting times for Mainstream Republicans of Washington. As its new Chair, I’d like to share a few thoughts about our important work.

Thanks in part to Mainstream’s pragmatic and moderate approach, Republicans continue to govern in our state, even as party fortunes have faded elsewhere on the West Coast. Can you believe California Republicans have not elected a statewide officeholder in a decade, and are on the wrong side of a supermajority in the state legislature?

Mainstream Republicans of Washington was formed a quarter century ago to carry on the legacy of a common sense and moderate approach to governing. We recruit and train candidates, and support them in primaries and general elections. Among our recent successes are the election of Congressman Dan Newhouse, State Treasurer Duane Davidson, Secretary of State Kim Wyman, and Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier. Continue reading →

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Cascade Conference 2017

The 2017 Cascade Conference received region-wide coverage from various press outlets, and the 36th consecutive event was certainly one to remember. Joel Connelly and Knute Berger provide complementary accounts of the conference for their respective publications, focusing on the national political climate and its effect in the Pacific Northwest Continue reading →

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General Election Endorsements

Greetings Friends and Supporters,
I hope this issue of our newsletter finds you mulling over your general election ballot which should have arrived in your mailbox within the last couple of days. This election year, though an off year, is very important to the future of our state. In filling out your ballot, keep in mind our mission of supporting and electing well-qualified and moderate Republicans. I encourage you to research and support the candidates on our Endorsement Page

Warmest Regards,

Sam S. Reed
Mainstream Republicans of Washington

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Updating 2016 Presidential Primary news

As you may recall, I’ve been advocating for a strong voice for all Washington voters during the presidential nominating process by conducting a Presidential Primary. With bipartisan support in both houses, the Legislature budgeted monies for our state to conduct a Presidential Primary in 2016. Unfortunately, we were unable to move our reform bill out of the House. One provision in our bill would have moved the date of the primary to the second Tuesday in March, to insure maximum voter participation and candidate visits to our state. That date is near the front end of the nominating process for both political parties.
Following session, I carried that battle to a special date-setting committee we convened pursuant to the Presidential Primary law. However, Democratic leadership did not support moving to an earlier primary date. As a result, May 24th will be the date for the 2016 Washington State Presidential Primary.
Some have suggested we cancel the whole thing, since the Democratic Party will not be using the results for their national delegate allocation. I have a different take on this. Voters deserve to have their voices heard in a manner they are used to – an election.

A statewide Presidential Primary is the only real way voters in our state can choose their party affiliation and vote for their nominee for President. It’s not a poll, not a survey, not a caucus. All of those have a place in the political process, but each involves only a small percentage of the electorate. In contrast, the Presidential Primary is an official election, administered by county election officials, under state law, where voters cast ballots in secret, and have their ballots counted and reported publicly. Whether the political parties choose to listen to or use those results is secondary. People who want to participate should be able to do so in a manner they are used to and have their voices heard.

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Full steam ahead for WA Presidential Primary

220742_414712298593841_117097651_oSOS: August 18th 2015

Washington is moving forward with plans for a May 24 Presidential Primary in 2016, Secretary of State Kim Wyman said Monday.

Wyman has met with the state Elections Division to give the green light for continued implementation of the May Presidential Primary.

The important point is that the voters of Washington will get an opportunity to express themselves, to vote on how they feel about who should be their party’s nominee for president of the United States, said Wyman, the state’s chief elections officer.

The question of what the parties do with the results is entirely up to the parties, she said. For our office and the elections community across the state, the emphasis will be on making sure this important election is administered in a fair and accessible and accurate manner. I have great confidence in our 39 county auditors and election directors.

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